September 27, 2019

Dr Mackie has finally confirmed the boy in Middlesex London had a severe case of Lipid pneumonia - from vaping an oil product; this product was purchased online from the USA. Regular vape juice is not the culprit!


September 24, 2019

Public Health Expert on E-Cigarette Panic

September 19, 2019


1. E-cigarette bans are a 'tremendous overreaction' to vaping-related illnesses, says doctor.


September 18, 2019


We have decided to post informational videos, links, and facts for our valued customers to set minds at ease. With all of the news circling around in the USA about their stance on vaping - there are many pieces of information that aren't related to our industry directly, or false completely.

Please use these pieces of information to educate yourself on the current issues, and to broaden your view of what's happening.

If any of our customers have family or friends who have questions or concerns, we are always happy to answer any of them in person, or by email, at

 We hope you find these sources helpful!


1. "Forbes: Nicotine Itself Isn't the Real Villain"


2. "Is Nicotine All Bad?"


3. From 2016: Royal College of Physicians: E-cigarettes Have Public Health Benefits


4. September 13th, "Trump Now says Not All Vaping Is Bad"


5. Cuomo & Vaping Association President Debate


6. On Black Market THC Cartridges;


7. Australia Channel 9 News Reports


8. Directly from the FDA -  Vaping Illnesses: Consumers can Help Protect Themselves by Avoiding Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)- Containing Vaping Products