The JustFog MiniFit is a rechargeable and refillable electronic cigarette. This comfortable and ultra tiny device (literally the size of a USB key) packs a real punch! The flavor comes through amazingly, the button is as clicky as it gets, and the battery lasts and can be charged while vaping.

Its innovative refillable "pod system" lets you switch out one flavor for another without having to empty, clean and refill a tank like you would normally do. Tired of vaping your tobacco pod? switch out to your fruity or minty pod, and come back to the tobacco pod later when you feel like it! 


  • 1.5ml refillable pod with a tight draw, much like real tobacco smoking
  • Cannot get more pocket friendly than this, it's tiny!
  • 370mAh battery
  • Excellent build quality
  • Pass-through (can be charged while vaping)


1 Minifit Battery

1x MiniFit Battery

1x Empty Refillable Pod

1x Charging Cord


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